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Water Proof Hydroponic LED Grow Light 10W
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Water Proof Hydroponic LED Grow Light 10W

Product Features:
Ideal for most kinds of plants in many fields, such as Hydroponics, Greenhouse Lighting, Plants Growing,Flowering, Fruiting etc.

Energy saving, low power consumption, long life expectancy.
Standard E27 fitting design, easy to install and operation.
More Energy efficient than Incandescent, HPS and most Halogen Lamp.
Excellent heat dissipation with aluminum housing, safe and durable.
Increase yield and decrease growth circle for plants.
How specific wavelength works:
Blue (wavelength: 430nm, 460nm): Help plants grow.
Red (wavelength:660nm 630nm, help plants Flowering) : Help plants grow and flowering.
What kind of plants you can grow with our LED Grow lights?
All kinds of flower plants: medical marijuana, cannabis, tomatoes, chilli , eggplant , Rose ect.
All kinds of greens: herbs and leafy vegetables, lettuce , bok choy ect .
Also suitable for Indoor garden or indoor potted landscape.(Most of our customers grow medical marijuana, Cannabis , tomatoes or lettuce ect , they got very good results with our LED grow lights )